O evaluate how coformulation of alum and ANE with TLR4 or 7 agonists influenced adaptive immunity.29,65 Constant with prior research, MF59 induced higher binding titers than alum alone.46,83-85 However, addition of the TLR4 and 7 agonists only enhanced antibody titers when formulated with alum and not ANE, which correlated with higher TLR-specific gene activation (Figure 3G-H). A single explanation for this can be that ANE incorporates the TLR agonists into the oil phase, which might be less powerful retaining the TLR agonists compared with alum adsorption. Our findings are consistent with mouse research in which the same TLR4 agonist did not improveAcknowledgmentsThe authors thank J. P. Todd, Carmelo Chiedi, Marlon Dillon, Kefale Wuddie, Will Williams, and Saran Bao for specialist veterinary and technical assistance; Hongmei Gao and Kelli Greene for system management; Frank Liang and Karin Lore for beneficial discussions; and Pamela Troisch from the Institute for Systems Biology Microarray Core for running the microarrays.FRANCICA et al28 NOVEMBER 2017 x VOLUME 1, NUMBERThis work was supported in aspect by the Intramural Analysis System in the Vaccine Analysis Center, NIAID, National Institutes of Overall health. More help was provided by the European Union FP7 (Advanced Immunization Technologies, 280873) and the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery award (OPP1039775) from the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.transcriptional analyses; M.J. performed half-life modeling; as well as a.A., D.E.Z., G.A. and R.A.S. gave conceptual tips and project oversight. Conflict-of-interest disclosure: E.NKp46/NCR1 Protein Synonyms S.MCP-2/CCL8 Protein Formulation , N.PMID:24377291 M.V., P.M., E.D.G., S.W.B., P.S., M.S., S.J., and D.T.O. were workers of Novartis Vaccines at this study’s conception. The remaining authors declare no competing monetary interests. Correspondence: Robert A. Seder, Cellular Immunology Section, Vaccine Investigation Center, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Illness, National Institutes of Health, 40 Convent Dr, MSC 3025, Building 40, Room 3512, Bethesda, MD 20892; e-mail: rseder@ mail.nih.gov.AuthorshipContribution: J.R.F., D.E.Z., G.A., and R.A.S. conceived the study and wrote the paper; E.S., N.M.V., P.M., E.D.G., S.W.B., P.S., M.S., S.J., and D.T.O. created the vaccine formulations; J.R.F., C.L., N.L.Y., B.G., B.J.F., M. Ackerman, M. Alam, G.F., and G.D.T. designed and carried out experiments; C.J. and D.E.Z. performed the
ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONSTHE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY VOL. 291, NO. 43, p. 22857, October 21, 2016 2016 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc. Published within the U.S.A.VOLUME 285 (2010) PAGES 3676 684 DOI ten.1074/jbc.A109.IKK phosphorylation of estrogen receptor Ser-167 and contribution to tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer.Jian-Ping Guo, Shao-Kun Shu, Nicole N. Esposito, Domenico Coppola, John M. Koomen, and Jin Q. ChengThis post has been withdrawn by the authors. The same information were applied to represent distinctive experimental situations. Especially, the CCND1 band from lane three of Fig. 4B was reused as lane 5 in the very same figure panel. The authors state that they stand by the overall conclusions in the study.Authors are urged to introduce these corrections into any reprints they distribute. Secondary (abstract) services are urged to carry notice of these corrections as prominently as they carried the original abstracts.OCTOBER 21, 2016 VOLUME 291 NUMBERJOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY
Neuroblastoma (NB) is a pediatric tumor, whose biology and clini.